Services Profile


This division specialises in bridging, handling, storage, physical distribution and logistics requirements (outbound supply chain) for all dry and cold FMCG. The Division can also hold stocks in bond for the manufacturer.

BAK Distribution


  • Reduced time to the market, improved customer service and mitigate risk on stock loses.
  • Stock management  
  • Allows clients to focus on core business  while BAK distributes for them
  • Transfers risk on stock losses
  • Secure warehouse with capacity to store 6520 tonnes of dry goods and 400 tonnes of perishables in its cold room. All while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and optimizing profit. This has resulted in, the supply chain increasingly becoming the key to a company’s competitive edge.



BAK Logistics provides freight and transport solutions that are the cornerstones of our clients’ efficient and sustainable supply chains. Our dedicated fleet comprises the complete range of vehicles, including flat decks, trailers, rigid vehicles, and refrigerated trucks. With more than 30 trucks and access to over 100 sub-contractor vehicles, BAK has the flexibility to offer customized road transportation solutions. IT offers primary and secondary transport of bulk, break-bulk and general cargo, refrigerated transport, specialized products, and container transport services. Our road logistics services span country wide, as well as regionally in Southern Africa. Where possible, we offer consolidation and group truck loads, to reduce our clients’ costs and improve efficiency.

BAK Road Freight


BAK Logistics can facilitate intermodal logistics that is a combination of various forms of transport such rail, road, sea and air.  This enables customers to use the most efficient and cost effective way of moving goods. The inter-modal and multi-modal logistics expertise means BAK can combine the most efficient transport modes based on each client’s logistics needs. Since fuel is a large component of the cost price of transportation, inter-modal solutions allow for important trade-offs when compared to traditional road transport only.


This facilitates the transportation of cargo to and from major cities in Zimbabwe, Mozambique Ports - Beira and Maputo. Unit trains to and from Durban. The services include cargo monitoring, tracking and timely updates, full documentation and clearing services.

BAK Rail Freight


  • Bulk cargo movement at affordable rates
  • Improved efficiency and value for our clients, along with integrated supply chains.
  • Regional footprint and expertise thereby reducing risk.


BAK Logistics provides fit-for-purpose and client specific warehouse storage solutions by managing and operating customized storage space. This facility is geared mainly towards bagged, crated and boxed products; green bales of tobacco bonded, and transit cargo.  The facility has over 90 000m2 under cover.

Bonded warehouse is a customs controlled warehouse enabling imported cargo to be held in storage until duty is paid by the importer.

Transit warehousing is a facility which allows imported cargo to be held in the shed until importer is ready to pay clear goods; this extends for a 10 day period.

BAK Road Freight

BAK Logistics offers consolidated operations, which allows greater efficiency in warehousing, achieving tangible cost savings for its clients. BAK also offers dedicated solution if the scale, location or complexity of the client business requires a specialized solution.

BAK manages all the necessary customs regulations (for bonded and transit cargo) on behalf of clients during the period of storage. While in storage, goods may be repacked, graded and consolidated, depending on customer requirements.


  • Integrated logistics services where needed.
  • Offer cross-docking services (trans-shipments) this increases delivery speed and reduces storage costs and inventory holding.
  •  Receiving consignments in bulk and ensuring the distribution of break-bulk to different destinations, while also combining goods from different destinations into transport vehicles or containers to the same destination.
  • Through our large national network of warehouse and storage facilities BAK Logistics is able to offer its clients storage space located close to their largest customer base.
  • By outsourcing warehousing and storage needs to BAK Logistics, clients are able to focus on core business.
  • Above all, this translates into reduced costs and enhanced service levels for clients, as they meet the demands of their customers.


BAK Logistics receives repairs, cleans and dispatches 20 and 40 ft containers for all shipping lines in Southern Africa.

BAK Road Freight


  • It is situated in close proximity to all major exporters in the industrial sites where major arterial roads are easily accessible.
  •  BAK has modern lifting equipment
  • BAK has a fully computerized system with tracking facilities compatible with most international systems.
  •  Our Willowvale railway siding is capable of holding 38 wagons


BAK offers forklift hire services on casual and long term contract basis.  BAK has the top of the range 2.5 ton to 4.5ton mobile forklifts.  This is a service geared to those who prefer to work within their premises.

BAK Road Freight



  • Accessible by both road and rail network
  • All weather warehousing
  • Spacious warehousing space with over 82286sq metres under shed
  • State of the art handling equipment
  • Experience in handling diverse clients-NGOs, Government and Private sector

Transport and Distribution

  • Delivery within 24hours for local orders and 48hours for country orders
  • Secure warehouse with capacity to store 6520tonnes of dry goods and 400tonnes of perishables in cold room
  • Experience in handling large FMCGs-Unilever,Nestle and Dairibord


  • Container Park
  • Situated in close proximity to all major exporters in industrial sites, where major arterial roads are easily accessible.
  • Modern lifting equipment and a fully computerized system with tracking facilities compatible with most international systems.
  • Willowvale railway siding is capable of holding 38wagons.
  • Capacity of handling: Imports and Exports-850TEUs,Empty container park-1670TEUs,HFC Branch-350TEUs
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Large customs bond in place to cover cargo
  • Largest facility in the country
  • Strategically located next to container depot, thereby reducing costs to transport and handle cargo into the warehouse
  • Serviced by both road and rail network
  • Customs clearing services
  • Member of the DB Schenker network