The impact of the Covid19 global pandemic is being felt acutely across various industrial sectors. Hamstrung by low revenue and poor sales, businesses across the world have resorted to staff layoffs, suspension of some of their operations and significant downsizing. Industries are under immense strain and the supply chain is not spared. There is growing evidence that the latest health pandemic has seen businesses operating with minimum human capital and at minimum operating capacity.

As such, the traditional linear logistics model that has been the lifeblood of the supply chain for centuries is now under threat. Logistics service providers and businesses at large suffer from supply chain disruptions and unpredictable market dynamics caused by acute restrictions and lockdowns put in place to contain the epidemic.

For any industry to stand a chance of survival during and post-Covid19, radical measures must be pursued. Unless swift and decisive measures are taken to adapt and to weather down situations of uncertainty, industry will be decimated. The importance of supply chain resilience, risk management and efficient systems is more apparent than ever. What then should be done and how?

A single source logistics provider is the game changer.

How can we remove our businesses from Covid19 ventilators during and post the pandemic? African businesses ought to make the transition from linear to comprehensive logistics solutions. This new way of doing things calls for integration of operations where logistics are done under one roof from setting up, product packaging, customs clearing, warehousing, as well as circulation. There is a plethora of benefits a business stands to gain by outsourcing logistics from an advanced one stop logistics provider. Here we give you the adhering benefits to utilizing an end-to-end logistics service provider in the face of the global pandemic.

Cost Effectiveness

It is essential for businesses to evaluate their expenses and find innovative ways to minimise expenditure. Outsourcing an end-to-end logistics company will save your business precious money as well as time. To begin with, a one stop logistics provider is well resourced with most facilities which are usually not available in-house.  This will minimise the cost of storage space, innovation, transport, as well as logistics personnel as these can be paid for as a once off package. Additionally, because of the size of most of these firms, they enjoy economies of scale, advantages of connections and discount rates, which makes their costs way more feasible as compared to the conventional linear solutions. As you expand, a single source provider can assist you as they have the sources to flawlessly sustain development right into brand-new markets. Each action in the supply chain can now be performed in one of the most reliable, economical method that enables your firm to concentrate on your core expertise, as well as leave the remainder to the specialists.

Reliable expertise and minimised contact risk

Covid-19 is a human problem that requires a human response to take care of corporate personnel first. As such, it is essential that you preserve the health of your employees by allowing most of them to work from home in order to minimize contact and observe social distance regulations. Making use of a third-party comprehensive logistics service provider will certainly permit you to operate at minimum human capacity while you retain confidence from the knowledge that your logistics demands are being managed by reputable and experienced specialists. You also have the advantage of being shielded from the risk of committing expensive errors that are a common misfortune where logistics are involved. There is no stress over the documentation, payment and audits because experienced logistics personnel have the adequate market ideal methods and skillset to deal with the everchanging market dynamics. Another advantage of utilizing an end-to-end logistics service provider is their capacity to utilize specialised techniques to make sure appropriate quantities of supply are delivered when and where it is required, therefore operating with reduced danger and a greater yield.

Optimised technology

Now, as the journey to recovery begins, companies are called upon to fast-track their growth and development strategies, quickly gravitating towards significant investments in technological innovations. Digitalization should no longer be perceived as an acceptable solution, but rather a premise to upgrade the business model creatively for the better. In fact, some companies are looking to diversify and relocate their supply chains closer to home. with more consumers ordering even the largest purchases online. Making use of an end-to-end logistics service provider permits your company to venture into brand-new areas without hassles. A single source logistics carrier ideally has the devices to reorganize the supply chain, as well as utilize innovation to drive supply chain efficiency. Modern day end to end logistics providers guarantee the fastest, most effective and most up to date growths in modern technology, production, as well as logistics. You get access to advanced monitoring software program that can keep an eye on methods to remove inadequacies as well as simplify the supply chain. These emerging systems and processes offered through end-to-end logistics optimised technology will ensure maximum productivity and speed to market, thus allowing you focus on other areas of your business.

In order to sustainably combat the inevitable and ongoing effects of the pandemic, harnessing the feasible solutions will be in the business’ best interest. Through integration and compounding work systems via the one stop shop, the business will not only sustain itself but efficiently meet its customer’s demands. Holistically, harnessing the end-to-end approach will minimise putting the taskforce at large at risk and ensure that the already existing human capital is guarded against unnecessary interactions