BAK logistics has over 100 000 square meters of industrial warehousing and storage space in Zimbabwe. Our warehousing capacity enables us to provide you with efficient and reliable logistics services that you can rely on. Warehousing provides a centralized location for your products and as BAK Logistics we provide a unique warehouse system that allows you to have all your logistics solutions in one place, because we offer a comprehensive End to End logistics solution to our customers. Our warehouses are designed to accommodate a customised service delivery at any point of the supply chain to suit our customers’ needs.

What to expect from our Warehousing System

Through our large national network of warehousing and storage facilities, BAK Logistics is able to offer its clients storage space located close to their largest customer base. We do not only offer solutions to transport and warehousing but we also dedicate ourselves to making your business realise profitability. By having your warehouse located near your customer base a lot of costs are cut and inventory can be distributed for retail with no hassle. That is an exclusive part of our End to End logistics service.

We Offer cross-docking services also known as transhipment, this is a practice in logistics of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck or train and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks, trailers, with little or no storage in between. Cross -docking increases delivery speed and reduces storage costs and inventory holding costs and risks. Furthermore, a cross-docking strategy is used in End to End logistics and has other advantages such as reducing the costs of handling, labour and transportation, reducing delivery lead time from suppliers to customers, reducing storage space, reducing risks of product damage and obsolescence, consolidation of shipment, improving resource utilization, reducing overstock, providing more control over delivery schedules, improving service level and lifting the rate of inventory flow and sales turnover.

BAK Logistics receives consignments in bulk and ensures the distribution of break-bulk to different destinations, while also combining goods from different destinations into transport vehicles or containers to the same destination.

In addition, we have a storage management system entailing a dedicated team responsible for handling reception of orders, storage of goods and distribution of products. The warehouse personnel handles and coordinates the identifying, categorizing and dispatching of goods to their storage location, having observed necessary security measures. This helps to keep track of goods and their distribution to other locations, where the goods are needed to meet customers’ demands.

Our professional warehousing services ensures that goods that do not have enough demand are kept safely until demanded, facilitating an overall efficient inventory.